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Challenges and solutions

With many years of experience in this market Data Center Technoloy AS is a complete solution partner with products and solutions that meet all requirements of the modern data center.

Turnkey solutions

Planning and design of the data center or server room is crucial to eliminate the risk of downtime and loss of critical data.

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Cooling solutions and precision cooling

Heat dissipation and subsequent cooling is one of the main challenges you face as more heat is developed in increasingly smaller spaces.

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Server racks and equipment cabinets

Racks should be considered as a permanent installation as they may contain the infrastructure for power, data, with copper and fiber cabling. Servers and network electronics are normally replaced more often than racks.

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Network and network cabling

Does the IT-infrastructure in your data center / room need to handle more servers, and face increasing data volume and bandwidth requirements? Reduce installation time in the data center; 10Gigabit wiring has never been easier!

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UPS and backup power supply

Uptime and redundancy are key elements of a uninterrupted power supply.

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Power Distribution

Having control over something you cannot measure is a bit of a challenge!

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Centralized server access

Secure access to all types of physical and virtual devices in a single interface!

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Operation and maintenance solutions

Take control of the server room. Data center operation offers many challenges!

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