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dcTrack is a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution that provides powerful and intelligent tools for data center management.

dcTrack is designed from the ground up by data center professionals to make available depth and width information in the data center. The tool enables the operating personnel to plan for growth and change by optimizing current operations, equipment and infrastructure. dcTrack provides a complete Data Center Infrastructure Management Database (DCIM), acts as a static tool or as an automated tool that handles the changes in line with data center development. The system provides real-time integration with AutoCAD and similar tools.

A tool that allows data center managers to maintain accurate records of the entire data center - from servers, blades, virtual servers and their applications, to network with the list of IP addresses and MAC addresses, available physical space and infrastructure, real-time readout of the current draw and heat generation , raised floors and disbursements of rack level.


Isolating potential problems can be performed quickly and easily with dcTrack.

Full list of power and data cabling and connections can be visually and accurately tracked so that all connections and patches to the relevant equipment are mapped.

Special emphasis has been put on being able to do all operations on the same screen during the development of the program, the built-in intelligence, rules and automation of tasks provides a better user experience and thereby reduces user workload of the tool.

Using dcTrack's workflow and change management program will enable operators to meet the challenges of ITIL and provide documented processes of change.

Please contact us for a detailed presentation of the solution, or read more at our download center.

MergePoint Infrastructure Explorer (AMIE)

A tool that gathers the best of all planning systems to provide a full dynamic, graphical display of the data center, rack and individual IT resources in the rack.

This interactive program presents the content in the data center down to the level of detail, and visual aids are integrated for easier presentation of the available resources for daily operations and maintenance activities and capacity planning.


With Avocent MergePoint Infrastructure Explorer (AMIE), you can.

Capacity Planning: Quickly identify available capacity in terms of space, power, cooling, weight and network connections.

Project Planning: Perform "What-if" analysis before issuing change requests to add or move equipment in the data center.

Process connections: Optimize data center infrastructure.

Please contact us for a detailed presentation of the solution, or read more at our download center.


Understand the big picture ...

And all the details too! Building bridges between IT and computer room facilities. Keep track and control with Environet.


Environet graphically shows the details of your mission critical systems and environments, from a "group" broad overview down to the smallest component in the computer room. With Environet, you can identify problems before they become catastrophic.


Whether you have one location or several locations around the world, environet allows you to monitor all critical components from anywhere. With environet you can check the status of any place remotely with a variety of web-based devices.

Adaptation Friendly

Use Environet to show thermal conditions, equipment status, and much more. Get the most out of the Environet by customizing features to track data that is most crucial for the daily operation of your computer room.



Remote Control and display alarms from all facilities.

Using the Environets "drill-down" feature allows you to approve, shut down or log the alarm occurences.


Geist Environet is adaptable to your needs, so you have the most cost-effective high quality software solution available. And with the environet on the job, you can identify problems before they escalate with the early notification of key personnel.

  • Sustomized solution

  • Floor plans with Dynamic Links

  • Monitoring of Standard communication protocols:
    SNMP, BACnet, Modbus, LON, Hardwired I / O

  • User-defined alarm thresholds

  • Customized reporting capabilities

  • Supports alerts for external alarms

  • Multi-user based permission control

  • Views: Global Dashboard, Thermo Graphic Equipment, leak detection and more ...

  • Electricity Capacity Planning

  • Energy cost analysis

  • Maintenance scheduling and reminders

Please contact us for a detailed presentation of the solution, or read more at our download center.

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