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Turnkey solutions

Planning and design of the data center or server room is crucial to eliminate the risk of downtime and loss of critical data.

Turnkey solutions

Data Center Technology tailor innovative designs for your data center needs and provide a complete solution with physical security, redundant power and cooling, fire and water protection, power distribution, high speed infrastructure, access control, with administration and management for your servers and other devices.


Cooling solutions and precision cooling

Heat dissipation and subsequent cooling is one of the main challenges facing the growing heat developed in ever smaller areas.

Data Center Technology has a range of solutions to this problem, among them a series of energy-efficient scalable cooling solutions to effectively manage heat termination

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Server racks and equipment cabinets

Racks should be considered as a permanent installation as they may contain the infrastructure for power, data, with copper and fiber cabling.

Servers and network electronics are normally replaced more often than racks.

Data Center Technology has racks that fit all known types of servers and network electronics suppliers, racks which are designed for data centers with strict requirements for load capacity, ventilation and cooling technical characteristics.

Unique solutions for the "High Density" installations with large numbers of servers

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Network and network cabling

Data centers must be carefully designed to ensure compliance with all applicable standards and requirements. Design considerations include location, capacity planning for the available space, power and cooling, floor loads, IT infrastructure, access, security, environment, and growth. To calculate the above needs, our architects and planners also know all the components that affect the data center, including all types of electronic systems, server technology, IT infrastructure, racks, etc.

Data Center Technology designs and supplies complete solutions for IT infrastructure to data centers based on the leading 10 Gigabit cabling solutions that ensure the longest life cycle and eliminate the need for recabling.

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Emergency power supply

Up-time and redundancy are key elements of a secure power supply. Downtime due to lack of power is obviously critical, lack of selectivity and redundancy are often the cause of the overloads and power failures down to the rack level.

Data Center Technology designs, dimension and provides complete UPS and emergency power systems of all sizes.

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Power Distribution

Constant changes in equipment can provide challenges in terms of the overview of capacity draw on a feed level at all times.

Data Center Technology supplies a complete range of Power Distribution Units (PDU) for safe power distribution in each rack and cabinet. Intelligent PDU´s that collect all information on power, including data on voltage, current, power factor, power (kVA), active power (watts), and the kilowatts per hour (kWh). The information can be viewed in real time from a remote graphical user interface (GUI) or a local display on the PDU. PDU´s also give information about temperature and humidity through remote sensors.

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IT Management centralized access

Data centers are a challenging environment to control and manage. The main task is to maintain the operation and performance of servers, routers, switches and other equipment, often with limited resources and multiple locations - all while trying to keep costs down.

Data Center Technology possesses expertise in advanced IT management solutions, and can assist any business to find its optimal solution.

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Operation and maintenance solutions

The interactive software from Data Center Technology can present the contents of the data center down to the equipment level. Visual aids are integrated for easier presentation of the available resources for daily operations and maintenance activities and capacity planning

These tools enable data center managers to maintain accurate records of the entire data center - from servers, blades, virtual servers and their applications, to network with the list of IP addresses and MAC addresses, available physical space and infrastructure, real-time readout of the current draw and heat generation.

With years of experience in this market Data Center Technology is a complete solution partner that has products and solutions that meet all the requirements of a modern data center, and the goal is that the customers shall have an increased added value of using Data Center Technology as their supplier.

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